Article by: Jennifer Banzaca

Mary Gay Townsend on hiring and retaining female talent

Private Funds CFO recently sat down with Mary Gay Townsend, founder of recruiting firm Norgay Partners, to discuss the focus on hiring women that she has seen from her private equity clients. 

In the article she addressed the below inquiries:

  • Have you seen private equity firms making more of an effort to hire women? 
  • Are there certain roles for which firms are making more of an effort to hire more women?
  • What is driving the trend to bringing in more women in leadership roles?
  • What has been the impact of DE&I initiatives?
  • What steps are firms taking to hire more women and to promote and retain the women that they already have?
  • There have been a number of improvements in hiring practices and recruitment of women, but are there still areas for improvement?

Published: January 11th 2023