Case Study 1:

Building a culture

First-time real estate private equity fund

Our client was a first-time real estate private equity fund with a focus on impact investing. It had secured a $600m anchor investment from a top public real estate investment trust (REIT) and was looking to make its fourth and fifth hires: Head of Asset Management and a Senior Associate in Acquisitions. 

Our team spent time with the company’s CEO to understand his vision for the firm, his personal story, and the culture he wanted to create. By investing time upfront and understanding the firm’s nuances, Norgay was able to select candidates that we knew would create a solid foundation for the culture and how the firm would grow. In this mandate, the CEO was determined to hire the best candidates with no compromises.  It was also equally important that the candidates authentically valued the firm’s mission of investing in Black and Latino communities. 

In all searches, it is important for us to understand our clients inside and out. We view ourselves as brand carriers that can confidently convey their stories to candidates.  This enables us to find candidates that genuinely complement a firm and are potential long-term team members. Nothing is more satisfying to Norgay than matching a strong player with a role that he or she may not have otherwise known about. Because we had gotten to know the CEO so well and had an already built out network in the real estate space, we were able to move quickly when we found the right candidates who not only fit the requirements of the role, but who were also aligned with the firm’s mission statement of integrity and service to the communities in which they operate.

Norgay partnership

Hiring for a first-time fund can be challenging given so many unknown variables. When we partner with these firms, we look to understand the partners involved, their strategy, and type of work environment they are looking to create. Because they are still building a track record, it is important for us to highlight why our client will be successful and the opportunity new employees will have to make an impact at a growing fund. 

While every hire we assist with is important, when we work with younger companies, we are aware that each hire is a uniquely critical culture carrier that sets a tone for how that firm will operate. In these situations, we work closely with the firm’s leadership and help them to identify and harness key differentiators of their business or their own personal story that will resonate with candidates. Striking the right messaging is especially critical when working with companies who are new to the markets in which they are operating. We view ourselves not only as recruiters, but as marketers for our clients and we have the opportunity to help build brand awareness for our clients among their target audience.

When assessing candidates for smaller or young companies, we look for a passion, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an ability to flourish in a small team