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There Is Little Risk In Being “Overprepared”

Anticipation sometimes can be the deciding factor in why one person has a better chance at success over another. A simple example being people who own power generators. Though blackouts from storms or other circumstances are not an everyday occurrence, when they happen those who own a backup generator fare better than those who don’t. In this instance, a little preparation meant being able to go about your daily life as opposed to obliviously waiting in the dark.

In the working world, preparation is essential for two important reasons: (1) to effectively perform your responsibilities you must be well informed with subject matter expertise on the topic you are addressing, and (2) preparation provides you CONFIDENCE which is essential to effectively communicate and administer your responsibilities.

People who take the time to prepare are more able to perform the task at hand.

In presenting, whether in an informal meeting or in front of an entire firm, preparation also means “knowing your audience”. You must first understand the background of the audience and know what is important to them before communicating. This insight and knowledge requires not only exhaustive knowledge of the subject, but awareness of the audience’s objectives and subject matter knowledge. You might be the most informed in a subject, but if your audience does not relate nor understand your presentation you have not been successful.

Communicating clearly, concisely and effectively are important skills. Whether the communication be written or oral, preparation is critical to effectively and succinctly make your points and present in a manner your audience understands.

Never try to fake your knowledge of a task or subject. If you do not know the answers to a question or problem at hand, simply say so. Do not take for granted that (somehow) your intuition or past experience and skills qualify you for your daily responsibilities.

We are in an ever changing world where people need to constantly learn in order to adapt. Those who can anticipate the changes ahead and prepare effectively, will always weather the storm better than those who don’t. It’s safe to say, I’ve never met anyone who “regretted” owning a generator.









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